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Beauty Tips

If you don't have time to have someone pamper you, here' s a few tips so you can pamper yourself at home;

How To Apply Make Up

Always test foundation on your jaw line, never the hand. This will help you get the right shade and not the orange two-tone you so often see.

When using blusher or bronzer, always make light sweeping movements from your cheekbone to above and around the temple area. This will give you a 'lifted' effect of your cheek bones.


Always file from the edge of the nail inwards, do this both sides, never a sawing action as this weakens the nails free edge.

Always use a base coat before applying a colour, this will protect and help with discolouration of the nail.

Acrylic Nail Removal

If you are brave enough, as this is a messy job, use pure acetone to soak the nails. This can take up to an hour, depending on how thick the acrylic is. Once removed apply Avoplex nail oil, and gently buff the nail surface until smooth. Let the nail breath for at least 24 hours.



NB. This page is created as guide ONLY to how you could carry out treatments at home, Eye Kandi holds no responsibility for any errors, oversights or damage to health. Please contact Eye Kandi if you would like a profressional treatment.